SHIN-LI AUTO PARTS CO., LTD. er einn af hinu virta framleiðendur, birgja og útflytjendur Bremsu trommu hlutar, með verksmiðju í Taiwan. Með margra ára reynslu í línu gera, við erum þekkt fyrir framúrskarandi árangur okkar í greininni. Við höfum hjálpað okkur eins og einn af leiðandi vörumerki í Taiwan. Við uppfæra stöðugt vörur okkar til að uppfylla alþjóðlega staðla. Við höldum hópur sérfræðinga, sem veitir um fæðingar tíma með mikilli quality.Our einlægni og vinnusemi hefur hjálpað okkur að passa gæði okkar með alþjóðlega staðla.


Shin Li Auto Parts was established in 1977. We are the main aftermarket supplier for brake system parts and have been an important player in this industry for over 40 years. We specialize in the production of brake drum, brake disc, wheel hub, and flywheel for commercial vehicles.

Our foundry, Royal Metal Casting, was established in 1997 as a professional iron casting manufacturer. This horizontal business integration between two plants allows us to provide a total solution from development, production to delivery for our customers.

We provide customers with one-stop service from "mold developing ", "casting" to "CNC machining"; these services would be all completed in our factories. In recent years, we have actively cooperated with our clients to develop new products. We provide solutions if clients can provide drawings or samples and the materials are within FCD 450 to 700 or FC 200 to 300. In order to improve self-quality standards and to be competitive in the market, we implement Japan's Mitutoyo 3D measuring instrument and a various of auxiliary software to support our production. We are setting up a quality standard that meets the OEM standard or even exceeds the OEM standard. Our products are not only supplied to the domestic market in Taiwan but also export to Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia and other countries in Europe and America.

The area of our factories is over 10,000 square meters and we employ 50 employees. With a continual effort to raise the company standard to the next level of competition, we have aggressively implemented mechanized auto production equipment. Currently, we have two casting production line. One is specialized for producing large size parts that are within 800x1000mm and the other one is specialized for producing mid and small size parts under 550x450mm and we have over 20 CNC machines. Both Shin Li Auto Parts and Royal Metal Casting are ISO 9001 Certified company. We provide reliable high-quality products with competitive price and extremely short delivery date to our customers.

For more than 40 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the research and development in the field of automotive and mechanical parts. With our expertise in the automotive industry, we are constantly looking for the latest technology and equipment for breakthroughs and innovation!

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